Dave Arnett
— www.EvilPlans.com —
In case you're wondering "Hey, what's with this evilplans.com domain name?". . .
Back in 1979 in Salt Lake City, Utah, I did advertising for a local Chevy dealer. The focal point of the campaign was a comic strip in the Sunday color comics section of the Salt Lake Tribune that pitted Super Dealer battling the forces of evil car dealers, who I would often have making reference to an "Evil Plans" magazine.
I figured if I were ever to revitalize and modernize the concept, Evil Plans magazine would have to be upgraded to become an EvilPlans.com website.
In anticipation of doing that (which I haven't done and probably will never get around to doing) I registered the evilplans.com domain name back in 2000, which I've been using now and again for little web projects, using an assortment of subdomain names.
Right: Sweet Judy BlueBook showing off Evil Plans magazine.
Left: Super Dealer getting his brains bashed by Captain Carsales.